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Bobby G. Rice

Bobby G. Rice

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Bobby G. Rice is proof that music is a universal language. The
legendary singer-songwriter struck success with a string of pop hit
remakes in the early 70s that drew in country crowds, leading to 30
Billboard Chart hits, numerous awards and over four decades of
2017 marks the 45th anniversary of the Bobby G. Rice smash number
one hit, “You Lay So Easy On My Mind.” As the performer and
songwriter, Rice earned CMA nominations for single and album of the
, as well as male vocalist of the year in 1973. And once again,
stretching musical genres, Rice was further honored when such
notable names as Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty Roy Orbison, David
Houston, Kitty Wells, Jerry Springer, Bill Anderson’s Po’ Boys Band,
Pat Boone and Andy Williams all recorded his signature song, “You
Lay So Easy on My Mind.”
The mild-mannered artist developed his passion for music as a child
on his family’s own radio show. His popularity quickly spread beyond
his native state of Wisconsin with the 1970 revivals of the Jimmy
Gilmore pop classic, “Sugar Shack” and Bruce Channel’s, “Hey Baby”
followed by his versions of standards “Mountain Of Love” and
Bobby G. Rice’s smooth vocal styling placed more songs on the
Billboard Top 10 Chart, including “You Give Me You,” “Write Me A
Letter” and “Freda Comes, Freda Goes.” “Pick Me Up On Your Way
Down” and “My Special Angel” also hit the charts for Rice.
Bobby G. Rice’s achievements led to some historical stages. Rice
performed on the Grand Ole Opry, the WWVA Wheeling Jamboree,
the Ralph Emery Show, Nashville Now, the Ernest Tubb Midnite
Jamboree, Midwest Country, The Bill Anderson TV Show, The
Wilburn Brothers TV Show, The Ronnie Prophet TV Show (Toronto
Canada BBC) and the Dean Martin replacement show Music Country
As an entertainer, Bobby G. Rice continues to explore the latest
outlets with the release of his music video, “Is This The Way You Say
Goodbye.” Rice also continues to record, write songs and tour with
the same motto he started with, “It’s all about the fans and giving
them good music.”


*2017 – 45th Anniversary of “You Lay So Easy on My Mind”
• 1973 #1 Hit
• CMA nominations – Single, Album and Male Vocalist of
the Year categories
• Honored as songwriter with numerous recordings
by:Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Pat Boone, Andy
Williams, David Houston, Kitty Wells and Roy Orbison
• Duet with talk show personality Jerry Springer
• Instrumental recording by Bill Anderson’s Po’ Boys Band
*30 Billboard Chart Hit Singles
• Billboard Top 10 Hits included: “You Give Me You,”
“Write Me A Letter” and “Freda Come, Freda Goes”
• Also Charted with: “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down”
and “My Special Angel”
*Television & Radio Appearances
• Grand Ole Opry
• WWVA Wheeling Jamboree
• Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree
• Cheyenne Country
• Midwest Country
• Ralph Emery Show
• Nashville Now
• Music Country USA -NBC replacement for Dean Martin
• On Stage TNN
• Bill Anderson Show
• Wilburn Brothers Show
• Ronnie Prophet TV Show – Toronto Canada BBC
*Hit Albums
• You Lay So Easy on My Mind
• Hit After Hit
• She Sure Laid The Lonelies on Me
• Write Me a Letter
• Instant Rice (The Best Of Bobby G. Rice)
• With Love from Bobby G. Rice
*ASCAP Awards
• “You Lay So Easy on My Mind”
• “You Give Me You”
• “The Whole Worlds Makin’ Love Again Tonight”
• “Make It Feel Like Love Again”
• “The Softest Touch in Town
*SESAC Awards
• “Crystal Chandeliers”


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