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Melissa Luman is the daughter of the late great BOB LUMAN….growing up with neighbors such as Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison….she can’t help but have ended up in some sort of musical semi career…..She started singing in college, doing some gigs in and around Nashville.. But college life at the time seemed to be more important….years after just doing occasional weddings and karaoke here and there..until 2006 when she received a call from the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame stating that her dad was going to be inducted in 2007 and was asked to perform on the show in Carthage, Texas….that year the 3 inductees were Johnny Rodriguez, Bob Luman, and Red Steagall….the band that backed her down in Texas, included 2 of her dad’s former band members from his first band in Texas in high school….performing that evening for 1000 people put the spark back in it…and she has been keeping her dad’s music and name alive ever since….”in 2012.. Getting a call from my friend, Robyn Young, son of the Late great Faron Young, was another spark!…Melissa was asked to join her fellow “Nashville Brat Pack” to film Larry Blacks Country Family Reunion, Second Generation….the studio was filled with all Second Generation kids….all of our parents were gone that was on that show except for 2..George Hamilton IV and the Statler brothers kids… was a very emotional 12 hour day of filming.

Melissa Luman

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